IT Hardware & Software Management

IT Hardware & Software Management

UD uses Active Directory and Ivanti/LANDESK for management of University-owned software, desktops, laptops, servers and printers. You’ll find more information about these tools and how they’re used below.


What is Ivanti/LANDESK?

Ivanti/LANDESK is an asset management application used to remotely inventory and manage desktop computers. It has the ability to report on installed software and hardware, allow remote assistance, and install security patches. Comprehensive information can be found at the product web site.

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is Microsoft's directory service for the Windows architecture. It is a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security and distributed resources and enables interoperation with other directories.

Are Ivanti/LANDESK and Active Directory mandatory?

Yes, these tools must be installed on all compatible UD-owned assets.

Why is UD deploying technology management tools?

Technology management tools provide UD with many benefits including:

Remote Assistance: IT staff can assist customers remotely, resulting in faster response times and increased support availability. IT staff will be able to work with you on some problems without waiting for an office visit. Technicians will always ask permission before establishing a remote connection.

Software Updates/Patch Management: As software developers release security or feature updates for their software, technology management tools can automatically update your computer without any interaction on your part. Keeping your computer up-to-date reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, data loss, data theft, or malicious software infections.

Inventory: Ivanti/LANDESK maintains an up-to-date inventory of hardware and software for each computer on which it's installed. This allows UDit and departmental IT support staff to make informed decisions on computer life-cycle replacements and software license purchases.

Security: Technology management tools enable UDit and your departmental IT support staff to address vulnerabilities remotely and quickly. Ivanti/LANDESK can install software patches quickly after their release, or remotely change workstation settings to counter recently discovered security holes.

What devices will Ivanti/LANDESK be used on?

Ivanti/LANDESK will be used on all UD-owned computers, Macintosh and Windows operating systems, both on-campus and off-campus. Ivanti/LANDESK cannot be installed on personally owned devices.

What devices will Active Directory be used on?

Active Directory will be used on all UD-owned computers running a Windows operating system, both on-campus and off-campus. Active Directory cannot be installed on personally owned devices. When Active Directory has been installed on a computer, this is often referred to as being "joined to the domain."

What can IT staff see on my computer after Ivanti/LANDESK is installed?

Ivanti/LANDESK will not permit IT technicians to view the files on your computer. Using Ivanti/LANDESK, IT support staff can only view inventory information about the hardware components and software applications.

What information is in the inventory and when is it collected?

The inventory contains detailed information about all of the hardware components and software applications installed on your computer. It can be used to determine how much and what kind of memory is in your computer, what operating system you have, and the versions of the software that you use. The inventory tool will run no more than once per day.

All of this information assists technicians when troubleshooting a problem with your computer. Inventory information will also help departments evaluate their current technology assets when it is time to buy new computers. The inventory tool cannot access any of your personal files.

Is UD using technology management tools to monitor faculty or staff behavior?

No. these tools do not monitor faculty/staff or the websites they visit. Ivanti/LANDESK does check to see if your software applications are up to date with the latest security patches. Ivanti/LANDESK also returns important information to administrators about the hardware attached to a University-owned workstation.

Will these tools affect the performance of my workstation?

We've had no reports of adverse effects on performance by those using these tools.

What is remote assistance?

The Remote Assistance feature in Ivanti/LANDESK lets you share control of your computer with an IT technician. This will help UDit and unit IT staff more quickly and accurately troubleshoot and resolve problems. Please note: IT support staff can not provide remote assistance without your explicit permission. To authorize a technician to help you remotely, you will need to click "OK" when presented with a remote assistance dialog box.

When using the Remote Assistance tool, you are able to grant permission to an IT technician to share your desktop. During a Remote Assistance session, they will see exactly what you see and be able to move the mouse cursor and type through the keyboard. Please note: You must actively grant permission for each session before viewing begins.

A Remote Assistance session is just like having that person sitting with you in your office: you will be able to see each action as it is performed. You can stop the session at any time.

What is patch management?

Patch Management helps to safeguard UD-owned computers and UD data from cyber criminals looking to exploit applications that are out of date. Patch Management keeps operating system software and applications up to date.

What type of patches will be managed?

Microsoft critical and recommended patches, as well as select other third party software patches, such as Adobe, Flash, and Java.

What is UD's process for releasing patches to campus?

Patches will be released early in the morning on the fourth Tuesday of each month; you'll receive a email reminder the day prior to each patch cycle reminding you to save your work, log out and leave your computer on. If your machine is off when updates are released, it will install the patches at its first available opportunity.  
Some patches may require you to restart your computer. If prompted, reboot as soon as possible to avoid an inconvenient, forced reboot at the end of the 3-day “reboot deferral” window.

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