Windows 10 Security Recommendations

If you have already taken or plan to take advantage of Microsoft's giving away Windows 10 for free to home users please consider you may not be able to access tools needed for academic and business purposes at UD.  While Windows 10 offers more security and lots of new functionality, network printing is one key system that the vendor has not yet provided a Windows 10 client or server tool.   That said if you do have Windows 10 installed, there are settings that you should probably give some thought to versus just accepting the defaults.  One, for example, allows your contacts to log onto wireless networks that you use, without having to know the password; If you are OK w/ that, great. If not, you'll need to explicitly turn the feature off.

A nifty tool that turned off approximately 35 different settings affecting your privacy called DoNotSpy10 tool is being detected as malware by antivirus clients. UDit staff do not recommend you install it.  Some group will release another, similar tool that is not bundled with malware.  In the meantime, Lifehacker has a good article on settings and recommendations at


IT Service Center

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