IT Workstation Upgrade Packages

IT Workstation Refresh Cycles and Upgrade Packages

UD offers some general guidelines on how often you should refresh hardware. To learn more about UD’s general recommended hardware refresh cycles for UD-owned technology used primarily by individual employees, see this document. These recommendations do not apply to equipment in labs, classrooms, public spaces, or other specialized use cases. Consult with your unit IT staff for specific information and recommendations.

You can extend the life of your existing computer (and delay buying new) by upgrading. Upgrades can extend the life of UD owned workstations, save University funds and increase IT sustainability on campus. Below you'll see some specific options for upgrade packages for HP desktops and laptops. While not all machines can be upgraded, our IT Services team is happy to provide an in depth consultation to see what options may be available and what fees may apply.

IT upgrade packages consist of the following:

  • New 240 GB solid state hard drive
  • New/Additional memory (based on available capacity)
  • Installation of Windows 10 Enterprise Edition and standard UD applications

Desktop Package 1
Desktop Package 2
Notebook Option

240 SSD & 4GB added

240 SSD & 8GB added

Notebook Option 240 GB & 8GB




*prices may vary slightly based on current rates from govconnection

While the primary benefit of upgrading a workstation is improved performance there are also significant savings that can be captured by individuals and departments that utilize this service. Below you will find a sample of the potential savings that could be realized by choosing to upgrade workstations as opposed to purchasing new models.

Savings vs. Base Desktop

Savings vs. Standard Desktop

Upgrade Packages 1 unit 5 units 10 units 1 unit 5 units 10 units
240 SSD & 4GB added $381.91 $1,909.55 $3,819.10 $459.91 $2,299.55 $4,599.10
240 SSD & 8GB added $366.91 $1,834.55 $3,669.10 $366.91 $1,834.55 $3,669.10
Savings vs. Standard Notebook Savings vs. Power Notebook
240 GB & 8GB $750.17 $3,750.85 $7,501.70 $978.38 $4,891.90 $9,783.80

*prices may vary slightly based on current rates from govconnection

Why upgrading over purchasing makes good sense:

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