Becoming Cyber-mindful in 2017

Let’s face it - cyber threats evolve quickly. Scammers are always on the lookout for new and persuasive ways to trick us into clicking the link, downloading the malware, surrendering our valuable personal or institutional information.

That’s where cyber-mindfulness comes in. When we’re thoughtfully tuned into the potential risks online, we’re more likely to identify and avoid (or at least expediently remedy) sneaky attempts to trick us into handing over important data.

We want to help, by arming you with tools and habits to protect your personal and workplace data. Check out our monthly “Becoming Cyber-Mindful” newsletter, full of tips and easy, practical steps you can take to make data and online safety as much a part of your day as locking the door when you leave home.

Together, UD is Becoming Cyber-Mindful.

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