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Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips

IT Training is proud to present: IT WORKS! - weekly computer application tips.

This page contains a list of tips that are sent out by email every Tuesday to individuals who have attended IT Training instructor-led classes or who have contacted IT Training for consultations and other services. They include various topics, such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office and more!  Please feel free to share this information to anyone who might benefit from the quick tip topic. 

5/23/17 - Google Drive: Organizing

Today's Tuesday Tip is a revisit on how to organize your Google Drive.  Also, please note that this email contains a Tuesday Tip Archive link so you can revisit all your favorite tips!

5/16/17 - Atomic Learning

Since 2009, the University of Dayton has provided an online training resource called Atomic Learning to all faculty, staff and students.  It is a great place to learn new skills or fine tune existing skills on a variety of technical and non-technical topics.  Learn how to access and customize your account today!

5/9/17 - Google Calendar - Restoring a Deleted Event

When you delete an email it is placed into a trash folder and can be easily restored if necessary.  However in Google Calendar, deleting an event and then restoring it is not as obvious.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how to restore a deleted calendar event.

5/2/17 - Choosing a Web Browser

A special thanks to Shawna Collins of UDit for submitting this week's tip idea!

Websites sometimes work with one web browser but not another.  Why is that?  Changes in support for plugins and other "behind the scenes" items that make sites work are generally the cause.

This week's Tuesday Tip from explains web browsers and a few of their differences.

Note:  The Windows 10 Edge browser is not discussed within this tutorial and does not yet work with several main UD websites.

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4/25/17 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Slide Master

Need to display a logo or some other object on all of your slides?  Try using PowerPoint's Slide Master.  It will save you some time and effort as you design your PowerPoint presentations.

4/11/17 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Transform Circle into Sphere

Microsoft PowerPoint contains a variety of shape tools that can be used to draw objects such as circles, triangles and various polygons.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how to transform a circle into a sphere!

4/4/17 - Google Calendar - Event Notifications

Need an extra reminder about a calendar event that is about to start?  In today's Tuesday Tip, we will explore how to add and modify Google Calendar event notifications.

3/28/17 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Drawing on Slides

How do you emphasize key points during a PowerPoint slide presentation without the use of a laser pointer?  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how this can be accomplished with the PowerPoint presentation pen.

3/21/17 - Google Calendar - Creating Events from Gmail

There are many ways to create Google Calendar events and in today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how this can be done through an email.

3/14/17 - Google Calendar - Find a Time

When scheduling a Google Calendar meeting, it is always beneficial to check the availability of the meeting participants before sending out an invitation.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how to use the "Find a time" and "Suggested Times" features within Google Calendar.

3/7/17 - Microsoft Excel - Inserting Data into Multiple Cells

There are a number of time saving shortcuts and keyboard tricks that can be used within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn about one that can help you quickly insert data into multiple cells.

2/28/17 - Microsoft Word - Find & Replace Images

Microsoft Word's "Find and Replace" option can be quite useful when replacing one word with another - especially within long documents.  This option can also be used to replace images.  And in today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how this can be accomplished.

2/21/17 - Google Forms - Enhancing with Images

With Google Forms, you can create a variety of questionnaires, surveys and quizzes.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how to enhance a form with images.

2/14/17 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Inserting YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can enhance a PowerPoint slide presentation and help to reinforce important topics.  However, inserting the videos into slides can sometimes be a challenge.  Today's Tuesday Tip will help you overcome this challenge.

2/7/17 - Microsoft Excel - Copying & Moving Worksheets

Creating an Excel worksheet can take a great amount of time to make it "just right" - establishing row and column heights, text formatting, formulas and functions, etc.  Let's say you would like to reuse a worksheet without having to "reinvent the wheel". In today's Tuesday Tip you will learn how this can be done.

1/31/17 - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR).  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as: "An artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one's actions partially determine what happens in the environment."

To get an even better idea of what VR really looks like, watch the following video:

1/24/17 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Creating Custom Shapes

Microsoft PowerPoint has a wide variety of shapes and objects that can be used to enhance slide presentations.  But did you know that you can create your own custom shapes and objects?  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how this can be accomplished.

1/17/17 - Microsoft Word - Editing a PDF

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make edits to a PDF document but you have no software application tools to make it happen?  In today's Tuesday Tip you will learn how this can be done with Microsoft Word.

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