Tuesday Tips - 2016

12/13/16 - Gmail - Canned Responses

Do you ever find yourself sending the same information over and over again via Gmail?  Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to create and send prewritten messages?

In today's Tuesday Tip you will learn how to make this happen with "Canned Responses".

12/6/16 - Microsoft Word - Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines can provide visual interest to Microsoft Word documents and can help separate sections of information.  In today's Tuesday Tip you will learn two quick methods for inserting horizontal lines into your documents.

11/29/16 - Free Online Training from GCF

Hello everyone!  Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!  This week's Tuesday Tip is in a non-video format but don't despair.  Our video tips will return next week!

Last week's tip reviewed Atomic Learning - the University's online training service.  But let's say a colleague, family member or friend, who does not have access to an online training service, would like to expand their computer skills for free.  Where could they go to find such a service?

GCF (Goodwill Community Foundation) LearnFree.org is a wonderful online basic training alternative and like Atomic Learning, it's open 24/7!  The video library is much smaller than Atomic Learning but it's packed full of technical and non-technical subjects.

Goodwill Community Foundation's Website

11/22/16 - Atomic Learning

Are you struggling with an Excel spreadsheet?  Want to learn more about Adobe or Google software applications? Or perhaps you're interested in learning how to "Flip a Classroom", or learn techniques on "Becoming a Better Public Speaker".  You can do all of these things and more with Atomic Learning - your 24/7 online professional learning resource.

11/15/16 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Slideshow Keyboard Tricks

The keyboard can be a very useful tool when conducting PowerPoint slideshows.  In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn a couple of keyboard tricks that you can use the next time you present.

11/8/16 - Google Docs - Optical Character Recognition

Did you know that Google Docs (Google's word processor) can convert PDF documents and images containing text (JPG files) into editable documents?  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes this possible and in today's Tuesday Tip you will learn how it's done.

10/31/16 - Microsoft Word - Text Selection

Happy Halloween!  This is a "special" early edition of Tuesday Tips.  Today we will take a look at some quick and "scarily good" text selecting techniques in Microsoft Word.

10/25/16 - Google Sheets - Explore

Google has added a "cool" feature to Google Sheets (the Google spreadsheet application) which allows you to instantly analyze data. In today's Tuesday Tip, we will take at look at this new feature called: "Explore".

10/18/16 - Google Drive - Organizing

Google Drive is a great place to create, upload and share documents and files.  In today's Tuesday Tip, we'll take a look at how to organize your data by creating a Google Drive folder and changing the folder's color.

10/11/16 - Microsoft Excel - Text to Columns

Microsoft Excel has an option that makes converting Microsoft Word text into Excel spreadsheet columns a simple process.  In today'sTuesday's Tip, we will take a look at the "Text to Columns" feature.

10/4/16 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Hiding Slides During a Presentation

Have you ever found a need to hide a slide during a PowerPoint presentation so the audience will focus on you instead of the screen?  Today's Tuesday Tip will show you how it's done!

9/27/16 - Microsoft Word - Sample Text

Have you ever needed "practice text" within in a Microsoft Word document but did not want to copy and paste "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" hundreds of times?

In today's Tuesday Tip, you will learn how to quickly insert sample text into a Word document.

9/20/16 - Google Calendar - Find a Time

Need any easy way to compare calendars before you send out a meeting invitation?  Today's quick tip demonstrates how to use the Find a time and Suggested Times options in Google Calendar.


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