Aerospace Product Support Engineering

Technicians leveraging new technologies and methods to preserve and sustain legacy aircraft

Supporting and Advancing Aerospace Technologies

UDRI’s Aerospace Product Support Engineering (APSE) researchers provide technology and process solutions for aerospace support problems. Our reliability and sustainment experts, coupled with our experienced program managers, have the skillsets and connections necessary to solve almost any sustainment issue in aerospace support.

Drawing from the wealth of subject matter experts across UDRI and our extensive partner network, our APSE researchers can identify requirements, develop a path forward, and work with the key vendors to implement solutions to meet your business needs.

In addition, APSE researchers conducts studies in sustainable energy and the environment. The focus of this research is to reduce pollution during energy generation, reduce energy consumption, and investigate alternate energy technologies.


  • CO2 sequestration technologies such as algae, cryo cell, etc.
  • Defense battlefield simulations (PDF, 365KB)
  • Deployable fuel desulfurization (PDF, 636KB)
  • Development of carbon neutral fuels including research in biomass fermentation and catalytic pyrolysis of biomass feedstock
  • Evaluation of the carbon footprint of facilities and development of strategies for reduction of carbon footprint (land management, process changes, increase in energy efficiency, etc.)
  • Evaluation and development of alternate non-hydrocarbon fuel-based energy generation technologies (solar collectors, magnesium combustion cycle, bio-fuel cells, wind, etc.)
  • Pollution prevention technologies such as material substitution (printed circuit boards) and process changes (outdoor hydronic heaters, agricultural plastic waste burning)
  • Waste-to-Energy technologies such as plastic waste to fuel and municipal waste to electricity/steam generation
  • Pollutant control technologies such as nano-structured catalysts, mercury oxidizing adsorbants, etc.
  • Evaluation of emission and ignition characteristics of bio and other alternate fuels
  • Life cycle analysis of environmental and economic impacts of energy production

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