Engineering Services

Solving Fuel, Additive, and System Component Problems

UDRI's Engineering Services researchers at Wright-Patterson AFB provide engineering support in electrical, mechanical, and fluidic design and control. We also provide instrumentation selection and acquisition, CAD design, and facility upgrade support as required.

Our researchers' expertise lies in the design, development, construction, and operation of simulators and test apparatus for evaluating fuels, additives, and system components over a wide range of test conditions. Using these systems, we conduct research on additized and specialty fuels in the areas of thermal stability, suppression of deposition by surface coatings, combustion, cold-flow characteristics, fuel temperature effects on aircraft component performance, and the assessment of advanced thermal management techniques.


  • CAD design
  • Engineering support in electrical, mechanical, and fluidic design and control
  • Facility upgrade support
  • Instrumentation selection and acquisition
  • Simulator design and operation

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