Fuels Engineering

Transparent turbine engine. Image credit: NASA

Engineering Solutions for Jet Fuel Systems

UDRI's Fuels Engineering personnel conduct research and development in the areas of jet fuel thermal stability, particulate matter and gaseous emission abatement, jet fuels for reduced temperature operation, and advanced nano-sensor development. We use our expertise and capabilities to develop viable engineering strategies that can lead to enhanced operating capabilities in military and commercial systems.

We use the fundamental research and understanding obtained by UDRI's Fuel Science and Modeling and Simulation researchers to implement viable chemical and engineering strategies to improve the operation of real systems. Our facilities range from single-component apparatus to complex systems that represent the major components and flow paths of actual aircraft fuel and combustion systems. These extensive facilities include bench-scale reactor systems, large-scale simulators that incorporate real fuel system components, atmospheric and high pressure combustion platforms, and low-temperature aircraft fuel tank simulators.

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Top: Transparent turbine engine. Image credit: NASA


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