Ludwieg Tube Mach 6 Wind Tunnel developed by UDRI for AFRL

Enabling hypersonic testing and evaluation

UDRI researchers design, fabricate, and commission complex hypersonic test apparatus. We developed the Mach 6 Ludwieg Tube wind tunnel for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), including requirements formalization, detailed design, facility integration planning, installation, validation testing, and documentation and training for operation and maintenance in accordance with ISO 9001 quality procedures.

The AFRL Ludwieg Tube is a self-contained, turn-key Mach 6 wind tunnel with quick-turn-around capability. The system includes an anchored, above-floor tunnel assembly shown in the figures below, basement-level power and pumping assemblies, and interconnecting piping. The tunnel is compatible with external accessories such as tracer gasses and various optical imaging setups. Basement-level facility requirements include a single electrical power feed, ventilating fan, and floor drain (for compressor condensate); the facility also features a tunnel-level Test Section environmental enclosure used to stabilize optical imaging setups. The AFRL Ludwieg Tube is modular allowing compatibility with alternate nozzles, starting devices, and model supports.

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Top: Artists rendering of the Mach 6 Ludwieg Tube wind tunnel designed, fabricated, and commissioned by UDRI researchers for use by AFRL at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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