Year in review
How do we share who we are with the world? It starts with a consistent message and a consistent look. In University marketing and communications, our job is to tell the remarkable stories that are happening every day on our campus.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

At the University of Dayton, we have an incredible story to tell. And it's important that when we speak about ourselves, we speak with one voice. We need to speak in a way that makes others understand just what makes UD so special and compelling to us. With that, we can continue to create momentum for the University and give expression to our collective aspirations as a community.

As part of the ongoing effort to ensure the University has a consistent voice, University marketing provides oversight of the University's brand for the entire University community, ensuring we're all on the same page — literally and figuratively.

We have a team of brand experts who provide original copywriting, editing, design and project management. We do our best to accommodate the needs of our University colleagues, but staffing and scheduling constraints may necessitate a referral to our approved freelancers.

We are also available for consultation, assisting you in determining your marketing strategy and approach for your projects.

Discover what's possible with a group who believes in possibilities.

We understand the importance of conveying your message in the most effective — and efficient — way possible. That's why we offer individual consultations to help your department meet its needs and enhance your success.

During your consultation, you'll find our answers to your marketing needs are a series of questions. We want to know about you — and the goals you're trying to achieve — to determine the best way to convey your information in a way that captures the imagination of your audience, celebrates transformative moments and illuminates initiatives that make you distinctive.

In addition to helping you craft a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your area's goals, we can also suggest the development of compelling and innovative marketing materials that effectively impact your target audience.

Contact the account manager for your area to schedule your consultation.

Stand up and get everyone to notice you.

Whether you want to advertise in local or national media, create a postcard, design a brochure, engage your audience through social media or conduct a mobile marketing campaign, University marketing is the place to start your marketing initiatives.

Our goal? To make your stories and message shine.

To begin any marketing project — print or digital — the first step is to submit a project request form. Your request will be reviewed by your project manager, who will contact you to discuss your needs and help identify the most effective ways to achieve your goals. Our creative team will then provide you with original and innovative solutions for your writing, design, digital and/or photography needs.

Have questions before you get started? Please feel free to contact your account manager.

Seeing is believing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And we agree. Browse our samples to see the compelling pieces we've written, designed and implemented recently. Wondering about their effectiveness — or how we can assist your office? Contact us for more information.

It's easier for us to hit the high notes
if we all sing from the same book.

Why do we need a brand? Excellent question. The short answer is that advancing a strong, recognizable image makes a big difference — especially for a quality institution of higher education.

A well-built, charismatic brand helps the University recruit talented students, faculty and staff. It re-engages alumni and grows Flyer spirit. And a strong, recognizable brand adds more weight to our overall reputation by taking the critical message we need to communicate to our various audiences and clarifies and unifies it.

When we express the most valuable, fulfilled version of ourselves, it continues to reinforce our critical message in positive, meaningful ways. By creating a clear and recognizable brand, we continue to shape the way people think and feel about the University of Dayton for the better.

A brand guide was developed to establish and maintain a consistent public image that reinforces the mission and vision of the University. This guide serves as the foundation for all marketing pieces that are created.

You need resources.
We have them.

Trust us: we know there's a lot involved in the successful creation and distribution of a marketing piece, and we want to provide you with the right resources to make the process painless.

Whether you are wondering if you should use "the Blend" or "The Blend" in your copy, want to download logos, need to purchase fonts, or have general questions about implementing the brand, you can find answers here.

In Marketing Services,
we're all about communication.

University Marketing
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If you have a specific question, would like to request a consultation or are ready to begin a project, please contact the account manager for your area. If you have a general question about our office, complete the information request form