Types of Projects

As you think about your project, you'll need to decide what format is best suited for the information you're trying to convey.

When it comes to marketing collateral, you can change the size, length and format to create an endless number of possibilities. But don't worry: Marketing Services can offer suggestions on the best fit for your publication, based on your budget and marketing objectives.

The most commonly requested types of publications are listed below, but Marketing Services will be happy to discuss other types of options, as well.


Printed advertisements are typically placed in outside publications, such as magazines and newspapers. The size of the ad varies based on the size of the publication and space purchased (e.g. full-page ad, half-page ad, quarter-page ad).

University marketing will need to know in which publication you plan to place the ad, the desired size, and whether the ad should be in color or black and white.

Plan for the production process to take four to six weeks.

Brochures and Booklets

Brochures and booklets are larger sized publications that can handle a mix of text and photography.

The most popular sizes are 8.5" x 11" and 5.5" x 8.5".

Most brochures use 2-panel single fold or a 3-panel barrel fold, but other options (4-panel gate fold, 6-panel accordion fold) are available. Booklets use side-stitching or perfect binding instead of a fold and can accommodate more information than a brochure.

To discuss original design options for brochures, please contact University marketing. Plan for the production process to take eight to 10 weeks.

Emails (Targeted)

Email can (and should) be targeted, ensuring that your audience receives information that's personalized and specific to their interests and needs.

With branded email designs and tools that can measure email analytics, University marketing can help you create emails intended for large groups.

Plan for the creation and implementation process to take four to six weeks.


Inserts are best suited for short, text-based informational publications, such as overviews of a department, program or office.

They are usually designed to fit in a #10 envelope, with a finished size of 4" x 9". The most common types are the 2-panel single fold and 3-panel barrel fold.

Template options are available for inserts, or you may pursue original design options. Plan for the production process to take eight to 10 weeks if you are creating an original piece; turn around for the template options will be quicker.

Issuu (Flippable .pdfs)

The University has an official Issuu account — a place where we can create and host "flippable" .pdfs. Through Issuu, we can also create a bookshelf that can be added to your website to display the .pdfs from your area or department. (See the class schedules website for a sample.)

We provide quick turnaround to post your publication to the University's Issuu account. Simply send us the .pdf, and make sure the file is set up to show individual pages (not spreads). Please also include a title and short description for your piece.

Mobile Marketing

With mobile marketing, you can create text message campaigns, including reminders, alerts, polling, incentives and notifications.

Plan for a mobile marketing campaign to take one to three weeks.


Magazines are generally used for high-end marketing pieces, such as the University of Dayton Magazine and viewbooks.

They are usually larger and contain more photography than other publications.

Because of their length and heavy focus on design, do not attempt to create a magazine without the help of Marketing Services.

To discuss design options for magazines, please contact University marketing. Plan for the production process to take two to four months if you are updating an existing piece or six to eight months if you are creating a new piece.


Newsletters are best suited for text-based informational publications and contain complementary photography.

Newsletters are 8.5" x 11" and typically consist of 2, 4, 6 or 8 pages. Most newsletters are self-mailers, meaning they are folded in half (5.5" x 8.5") and are mailed without an envelope (the address is printed on the back page).

Template options are available for newsletters, or you may pursue original design options. Plan for the production process to take four to six weeks if you are providing the copy and using a template option. Additional time will be required if you require copywriting assistance.


Postcards are two-sided, self-mailing publications. The front includes the design element, while the back contains the copy and the mailing information.

Our standard postcard size is 8" x 5.75", but other sizes can be created as long as they meet the U.S. Postal Service mailing guidelines.

If you are mailing quantities of 200 or more, an indicia can be printed on the postcard, which saves money and the extra step of metering the postcard or affixing stamps. Discuss this option with University marketing.

Several template options are available for postcards, or you may pursue original design options. Plan for the production process to take six to eight weeks if you are creating an original piece; turn around for the template options will be faster.

Social Media

Whether you're looking to create a social media page for your department or program, improve the number of visitors to your page or create a full social media campaign, University marketing can help create a customized plan to meet your marketing objectives.

Through the services of a new platform, we can help you develop programs and contests to activate your social media community and produce measurable results.

Creation of a social media page takes one to three weeks; to obtain a timeline for implementing a full campaign, contact University marketing.


Whether you're looking to launch a University website or want to maximize the effectiveness of your current site, University marketing offers consultations, development suggestions, layout and navigation tips, and information architecture. We also can provide assistance with copywriting and photography for your site.

We can also provide access to analytics, along with an explanation of what they mean. This data will provide an understanding of how visitors use your site — and offer insight on how to improve it.

The timeline for website assistance depends on your site's specific needs. Contact University marketing for a personalized timeline.


If you're looking to produce a video as part of your marketing initiatives, we offer various levels of service (from advice to full video production). If the video will be emailed to external audiences, posted on your website, etc., we recommend working with our office early in the process — before filming begins. We can consult on your script prior to filming, helping ensure that the finished product will meet branding expectations and effectively communicate your message to your audience.

If you already have a completed video that you'd like added to the University's YouTube channel, we provide quick turnaround to get your video posted online.

Adding a video to YouTube takes four hours once all necessary information has been provided. Contact University marketing for timelines for full video production.

All video content that represents a University department, office or initiative should be hosted on the UD YouTube channel. Accommodations can be made for videos that may not be suitable for public consumption. A custom playlist can be created for any area or department.