Templates allow departments to create branded publications without special software or design knowledge.

Self-Service Marketing Templates

Self-service templates allow you to easily create branded brochures, handouts, postcards and posters from the convenience of your computer. There is no charge to create your designed piece, but you are responsible for any printing and/or mailing costs. 

As we transition to a new University brand, there are currently two template sites:

  • New templates and stationery
    In addition to offering new designs, the templates have moved to a new software platform, which offers additional functionality (including the ability to use bold, italics and bullets). Please read the marketing template user guide (.pdf) to familiarize yourself with the new functionality.

    Currently, four marketing templates are available in the new brand; more options will launch in the coming months. The most commonly used stationery items have also moved to the new site.

  • Old templates and stationery
    The old templates will continue to be available during the transition period to the new brand. Please note that your old publications will not move to the new template site. If you need them for archival purposes, please download the PDFs to your computer. 

    All stationery items will be available on this site until we complete the transition to the new platform. View stationery user guide (.pdf) >>

PowerPoint Templates

To use a branded PowerPoint template, simply click the template of your choice to download it. You can then open the file in PowerPoint and add your content.

Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4

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