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The University of Dayton is a Catholic and Marianist institution, which includes a fundamental commitment to gender equity:

"Marianist universities work to eliminate gender inequity both in their institutions and in the wider community. The university assures men and women equal educational and leadership opportunities, adequate representation and fair salaries."

This statement and others contained in Vision 2005: The Foundation, Characteristics of Marianist Universities, and the Statement on the Catholic and Marianist Identity of the University of Dayton, speak to the University’s commitment to gender equity and to building an inclusive community. Yet as documented throughout the 1990’s by the President’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues (ACWI) and the Women’s Center Working Group, this rhetorical commitment stood in contrast to the reality of gender equity at UD. The ACWI Status Report and Recommendations concluded that,

“As the principles of gender equity and equality characterize the University’s mission and life, so too must institutional character be defined by actions. Only actions validate the stated commitment.”

Based upon an analysis of model women’s centers and the nature of the UD community, the final Women’s Center Working Group report, issued in March 2001, identified key structure and resource requirements. The report recommended development of a UD center that would be: centrally located; adequately resourced in budget, staffing and space; organizationally positioned to receive ongoing support and attention from the administration and to send a strong positive message about that administration’s commitment to women’s equity and personal and professional development. These committee recommendations were adopted by the President’s Council, and the Women's Center was officially founded in January, 2003.

President's Advisory Committee on Women's Issues

The following individuals served on the President's Advisory Committee on Women's Issues at the behest of Bro. Raymond L. Fitz, S.M. It is largely as a result of their time, talent, and persistence that the UD Women's Center exists.

Shauna Adams 
Kathleen Berger
Deborah Bickett
Susan Brenner
Yolanda Copeland
Virginia Cotcamp
Carol Cummins-Collier
Susan Dempsey
Patricia Detzel
Jean Doe
Verda George
Elizabeth Gustafson
Carol Gutman
Cindy Hartmann
Kathleen Henderson
Aparna Higgins
Kristina Kerscher
Laura Leming, F.M.I.
M. Therese Lysaught
Mary McDowell
Kathleen Molner
Margaret Mount
Mary Neacy
Frances Pestello
Karen Pettus
Diane Platfoot
Terese Pultz
John Quinn
Toni Ramsey
Marcia Rausch
Carolyn Ridenour
Lisa Rismiller
Betty Rose
Beth Schwartz
Kathleen Watters
Amy Lopez Matthews
Dorene Wilbur
Rebecca Yates
Betty Youngkin

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