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You learn a lot at college. Sure, there's the academic course work devoted to your major and the classes that combine to foster your liberal arts education. But you'll also learn things outside the classroom, like how to manage your time, make new friends and find a great internship.

At the University of Dayton, we know your achievements are about more than making the grade or finishing that huge project; it's also about the journey that you take to reach the end. That's why we are committed to guiding students and their families toward obtaining the most positive experience possible from the time of enrollment through graduation as a Dayton Flyer.

To contact our office, please call‚ 800-259-8864, option 2, or email‚ success@udayton.edu.

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The Office of Student Success is located on the first floor of Albert Emanuel Hall. You may contact us by calling‚ 800-259-8864, option 2, or emailing‚ success@udayton.edu.

Kathleen D Henderson
Associate Director, Office of Student Success 

Beverly Jenkins
Associate Director, Office of Student Success