Kwok Tung (Daniel) Cheung

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty


Email: Kwok Tung (Daniel) Cheung
Phone: 937-229-1396

HM 413


Dr. Cheung specializes in business ethics and epistemology. He also has interests in metaphysics and Christian philosophy. On business ethics, he studies the nature of business ethics, the impact of sociological settings on ethical behaviors, meaning of work, religious implications in business ethics, etc. His dissertation is on doxastic involuntarism, epistemic deliberation and agency, suggesting a formulation of epistemic compatibilism and arguing for the importance of the person in deliberating what to believe. On Christian philosophy, he explores many issues largely related to providence. He is also knowledgeable in a number of theological and social issues of evangelicalism. Dr. Cheung received his Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Selected Publications

Cheung, "A Sociological Insight for Business Ethics," Journal of Organizational Moral Psychology, vol. 2 (3), in press.

Cheung, "A Refutation of Tze-ho Fung’s Argument against the Stone Argument," CGST Journal, (2009) 46:235-246.

Cheung, "On a Recent Naturalism Debate in Business Ethics – from a Philosophy Point of View," Journal of Business Ethics (2008) 82:889-898.

Cheung, "Timothy Fort's Theory of Corporate Governance," In Daryl Koehn and Xiaohe Lu, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and a Harmonious Society (Shanghai, China: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, 2005). (This publication is in Chinese.)

Cheung, ed., Economic Life and Christian Ethics (Hong Kong: Fellowship of Evangelical Student Press, 2006). (This publication is in Chinese.)

Cheung, et. al. trans., Plantinga, Warranted Christian Belief.  (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2004) (This publication is in Chinese.)