A Strange Likeness: Perspectives on Contemporary Photographic Portraiture

Veiled BrooklynSpring Term, February 20 through March 20

A Strange Likeness is an exhibition featuring works by Kelly Kristin Jones, Natalie Krick, and Xia Tio which examine the methods and usages of the photographic portrait. Each artist’s approach is conceptually varied, while maintaining the traditional components of what makes up a photographic portrait. Their ideas and concerns fluctuate from the personal to the universal, immediate and mediated experience, and from the genuinely intimate to the invasively voyeuristic. What emerges from the work in this exhibition is a questioning of the validity and honesty of photographic portraiture and its power to shadow, as much as it reveals, a truthful depiction of the person in front of the camera.

Reception: Thursday, February 27, 5-7 pm

Guest Curator: Julie Jones

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Guest Artists Casey Roberts and R.C. Wonderly

Spring Term, January 16 through February 1

Reception: Thursday, January 30, 5-7 pm


The One and the Many: Art & Human Rights

September 27 through October 31

The One and the Many: Perspectives on Self and Other in Art & Human Rights Practices curated by assistant professor Glenna Jennings. Artists from across the country, including Isabel Avila, Juan-Si Gonzalez, Merve Kayan and Zeynep Dadak, Issa Randall, and Sheryl Oring, present work that examines notions of human dignity from multiple perspectives. The art asks: Are human rights pre-political or are they artifacts of laws and institutions? Do they belong only to individuals or also to groups? How can we re-vision and de-center human rights to more broadly address the human condition for both the self and the community?

The One and the Many

Senior Show

November 7 through December 5

A culminating show of graduating senior work. Curated by Jeffrey C. Jones.


Ranging, A Faculty/Staff Exhibition

August 21 through September 19

The term Ranging covers a broad spectrum of meanings: Varying. Fluctuating. Shifting. Moving across wide areas.  As well, the term alludes to a wide array of actions:  To arrange, to order, to categorize, to wander, to encompass, to extend, to fluctuate.

The exhibit title is suggestive of:  A series of things in a row; an aggregate of objects in one order; a direction one has taken with work; the limits of a series; the distance or extent between possible extremes.  An activity that includes exploring or wandering over a place or through a concept.

ranging #1    ranging #2     ranging #3     ranging #4     ranging #5 
Photos courtesy of Julie Renee Jones.


Jud Yalkut: Visions and Sur-Realities

January 31 through March 2, 2013

This retrospective exhibit of works by internationally recognized artist Jud Yalkut included a video hologram installation, immersive film and video environments that incorporated spectators as active participants, a large selection of collage work and a film series. Curator Jeanne Philipp is organizing the publication of a catalog that documents the exhibits, films and lecturers' perspectives on the art of Jud Yalkut.  University of Dayton locations for the art included the Gallery 249, Roesch Library 1st & 2nd floor Galleries, and Art Street Gallery.

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TODT: Heartland

September 27 through October 25, 2012

Over the past three decades, the anonymous artist collective TODT has exhibited globally with works depicting a futuristic world controlled by science and government. Presented by Gallery 249 and ArtStreet.

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Marking the Past/Shaping the Present: The Art of Willis Bing Davis

December 7, 2010 through January 30, 2011

Davis' rich diversity of artistic production includes mixed media sculpture, ceramics, photography, and installation. Willis Bing Davis enjoys an international reputation for artistic excellence expressed through a wide variety of artistic media. For more than fifty years, the artist has used the arts to reach across diverse communities and create intercultural dialogue about our shared human condition. The Department of Visual Arts collaborated with The Dayton Art Institute to produce a catalogue on Bing Davis and to host multiple presentations. University of Dayton locations for the art included the Rike Gallery, Roesch Library 1st & 2nd floor Galleries, and Art Street Gallery.

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Masks, Music, and Musings: A Retrospective Exhibition and Symposium on the Art of Curtis Barnes Sr.

December 9th, 2008 through January 30th, 2009

This exhibition unfolded the story of artist Curtis Barnes through an exhibition of his paintings, a catalogue and a series of lectures. Curtis Barnes, a leading artistic force in Dayton for over forty years, has significantly impacted Dayton's cultural history within the African American community as well as the broader art history of Southwestern Ohio. University of Dayton locations for Barnes' art included the Rike Gallery, Roesch Library 1st & 2nd floor Galleries, and Art Street Gallery.

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Annual Horvath Student Juried Exhibition

This annual exhibition features work by current students. Submission is open to all University of Dayton students taking classes in the Department of Visual Arts this academic year.

Below (L to R): 2012, 2011 and 2010 exhibitions.