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Employer Information

Internships can be a win-win for University of Dayton communication majors and for businesses and institutions.

Communication majors studying electronic media, journalism, public relations, communication management and theatre can earn academic credit while gaining work experience through professional internships at businesses, non-profit institutions and government agencies. Through internships, students:

  • get the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired in the classroom and see how communication theories help to make workplace endeavors effective and efficient;
  • can discover requirements of job in their chosen field of study, what they like and dislike, and whether their chosen field is right for them;
  • can learn how to improve their performance, acquire new knowledge and skills, and determine which courses and internships to pursue next in order to continue to grow in their field;
  • build their resumes and develop professional contacts.

Sometimes, internships can lead to full-time jobs after graduation.

Whether a student pursues an internship for academic credit or not, on-the-job experience should be part of every student’s college experience.

Businesses, organizations and agencies that offer internships can get short-term talent, gain fresh ideas with minimal risk and test potential new hires. By offering professional experience, on-the-job training, supervision and mentorship to student interns, businesses and organizations:

  • can build or enhance their community and university relationships;
  • provide current employees with opportunities to gain supervisory experience by working with an intern;
  • free up current staff to work on large projects while guiding interns in their work on smaller projects;
  • find their existing staff re-energized with motivated and interested interns in the workplace.
By working with interns who are earning academic credit, businesses and institutions get clear, written objectives for the internship that can enhance everyone’s understanding of what is expected. They also can get assistance from the Department of Communication internship coordinator for dealing with issues that might arise with the student intern or internships in general.