Sights and sounds from Summer 2011 program.

China Program

The Intercultural Communication program offered in China takes full advantage of the area's media and public relation organizations and couples that with site visits to a variety of other businesses and organizations. A video production course is be offered that enables students to fully experience the variety of sights available in China. Course offerings focus on intercultural communications, video production and organizational communication in Asia.


Each undergraduate must take CMS 316 (COM 630 for graduate students) and select either CMM 421 or CMM 499 (COM 517 or COM 531 for graduate students). Students are encouraged to work with their Dean's office and academic advisor to ensure how courses taken will count toward their major or minor program.

CMS 316 Intercultural Communications (3 sem. hrs.)
Study of interpersonal communication with emphasis on people from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. Focus on the influence of culture on communication and language, verbal and non-verbal communication similarities and differences from culture to culture, and challenges of successful intercultural communication.

COM 630 International Communications (3 sem. hrs)
Discussion of current issues in international communication. Possible topics include international news flow, globalization of mass media, communication and development, comparative mass media, mass media in political revolutions, democracy and terrorism.

CMM 421/COM 517 Organizational Communication (3 sem. hrs.)
CMM 421: Analysis of message initiation, diffusion, and reception in organizations; analysis of the role of communication in developing productive work relationships, management practices, and organizational cultures.
COM 517: A study of communication activities within organizations: theories and systems of organizational communication, internal communication systems, research methods, and the interface of management and communication.

CMM 499 Video Production (3 sem. hrs.)
Concentrated study in specific areas of speech communication. May be repeated once with change of topic.

COM 531 Directed Study of Communication (3 sem. hrs.)
An intensive study of a specialized area of communication selected through consultation with the instructor. Permission. May be repeated for up to six semester hours.

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