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Procedures for New Faculty

Below are listed several items, including tasks, that new faculty should complete as well as items that new faculty should secure. The administrative assistants in the Department of English can offer additional information and assistance regarding these items. Links to the websites of Human Resources, Public Safety and Parking Services are available at right.

Employment Forms

All new faculty must complete New Hire Forms.  Part-time employees should return them to the Administrative Assistant in the English Department, while full-time employees may take them directly to the Human Resources Office in Saint Mary’s Hall (room 118).  These forms include a tax withholding form (W4) and a form for proof of citizenship. For the latter, the employee must have a passport or two other valid forms of identification, such as a driver’s license and an ORIGINAL social security card or ORIGINAL birth certificate.  A background check must be completed for all new faculty, so you will be asked to sign a release, allowing HR to run this check. 

While at the Human Resources Office, faculty should also obtain an ID Authorization Form so that they may later obtain a UD identification card (see below).

Go to the Human Resources Form listing (www) >>



Full-time faculty may purchase a parking permit at UD Parking Services in College Park Center, which is located on Brown Street. Part-time faculty will receive parking permits free of charge. An administrative assistant in the English Department will either mail the appropriate form to an employee’s home address or an employee can fill out this form at the Department office. Teaching assistants should contact the Director of TA Training for information concerning parking at UD.


Office Keys

Faculty will be issued a key to his/her own or shared office that will also open the doors to the mailroom, copy room, and kitchen. If a faculty member is locked out of his/her office, an administrative assistant will lend out the master key. If the main office is closed and the master key is not available, call the Department of Public safety (937-229-2121) to be let into your office.


UD Flyer Card

The UD FlyerCard serves various purposes such as enabling faculty to borrow books from UD libraries and giving them entrance to the Humanities building and classrooms when doors are locked. To get a UD FlyerCard, faculty should visit room 102 of the Powerhouse (adjacent to the Humanities building on the north side). Office hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday. All faculty must obtain an ID Authorization Form from Human Resources in St. Mary’s Hall to receive their first card.


UD Network Access and Email Accounts

After Human Resources has entered all of your paperwork, a computer account will be generated for you. Faculty should call the HelpDesk at 937-229-3888 to obtain their login ID and password. Faculty may also contact the HelpDesk for assistance with computer and other technical issues.



A faculty members' first paycheck will be issued on September 10th of the year in which they are hired. After that, faculty will receive paychecks on the tenth and twenty-fifth day of every month thereafter for as long as they are employed by the University of Dayton. Paychecks will be delivered to English Department mailboxes unless direct deposit has been requested. To request direct deposit, faculty must complete the "Direct Deposit Form" found on the Human Resources Forms page. Go to the HR Forms page (www)  >>