Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

The LitFest Poster

The LitFest Poster is a unique piece of art developed by a specially selected UD Art student to capture the theme of each LitFest.  At the close of each Litfest, it has become our tradition to invite our guest speakers/poets to commemorate the event by signing their names on the LitFest Poster.  These treasures are displayed on the walls and office of the English department, on the second floor of the Jesse Philips Humanities Center on the University of Dayton Campus.

We are proud to unveil our 2013 LitFest poster design here: 2013 Poster (pdf) >>

This year's featured artist is Jessica Kleja.  Jessica is a second semester sophomore at the University of Dayton, dual-majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing.  Jessica is currently the Art Director for Flyer News and an intern at the Rosewood Arts Centre.  Her expected year of graduation is 2015.  

LitFest Poster Archive

Take a look at the various creative interpretations that have come from our talented students as well as the impressive speakers who have visited us throughout the history of LitFest.

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