Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Graphic Design

Imagine and create visual solutions to complex problems in contemporary culture through Graphic Design. The Graphic Design program prepares you to channel your creativity through concentrations in graphic design and computer imaging.

Program Overview

Imagine and create visual solutions to complex problems in contemporary communication and information through graphic design. The graphic design program prepares you to channel your knowledge and creativity toward inventive and effective design solutions.

Graphic design requires advanced levels of visual, technical and problem-solving skills. Our program is structured to provide you with excellent opportunities and conditions to develop these attributes and become a successful design professional.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is an intensive professional program of study specifically designed to prepare you to enter the field of graphic design and/or to continue your studies in graduate school. Approximately 65 percent of the degree requirements are in the creation and study of visual communication design. Advanced coursework will allow you to collaborate with faculty on independent special interest design problems.

While pursuing your degree and completing your course work, you will assemble a portfolio that can be presented to potential employers. Major effort is directed toward creating a graduation portfolio that demonstrates your exceptional work, helping you find a job or gain acceptance to graduate school. As a senior, you will present your final portfolio to faculty and the professional community.

Entrance portfolios are not required for acceptance into the graphic design program, but students transferring art and/or design credits from other academic institutions are required to submit a portfolio consisting of their work from each course for which they seek credit.

The Graphic Design program resides within the Department of Art and Design and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. For more information, please contact Area Coordinator John V. Clarke.

Academic Requirements

Program requirements can be found in the online Catalog. Simply select the area of study and click "Explore".