Internships, Co-ops and Other Related Opportunities

Career Services offers the following types of placements. Many students arrange for work experience in their chosen field through programs offered in academic departments as well.

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Internships: A part-time, paid or non-paid position during the school year, or full-time, paid or non-paid position during the summer months. An internship may be part of an educational program, carefully monitored and evaluated for credit by an academic program or part of a learning plan that the student develops for him/herself. Each academic program sets its own conditions and requirements for internship credit. Generally, students must have completed 45 semester hours of study to participate.

Career-related Summer Employment: These full-time or part-time paid job opportunities during the summer months are designed for students to gain valuable experience in fields of study related to their major.

Co-operative Education: Students alternate semesters of full-time study with full-time work experience in positions related to their major. Generally, students remain with the same employer during alternating terms. Most students are eligible to interview for their first work term during their third semester of full-time study. The co-operative education program is open to business administration, arts and sciences, and engineering majors.

Student Contract Program Positions: These are part-time, paid positions during the school year and full-time, paid positions during the summer months. Several Dayton-area employers choose to hire student employees through the contract program. Students are placed on the University payroll while working at the employer's location.

Externships and Job Shadowing: Usually ranging from one to five days, this opportunity allows students to "shadow" a mentor in the workplace and gain experience related to the student's field of interest. Externships are primarily non-paid and can take place at any time.