Joint Degree Program (M.B.A., J.D.)

The ultimate step toward success — UD's combined J.D./M.B.A. Our joint program enables students to obtain two professional degrees concurrently and conveniently.

The School of Business Administration and the School of Law will work with you to design the specific requirements of your program and save you valuable time. When you've completed the program, your credentials will double your opportunities.

To apply for admission to the joint degree program, you must meet the admission requirements of both the School of Law and the School of Business Administration. Full applications should be submitted to both schools, along with all other records and data required. You should indicate to each office that you are seeking admission to the joint program.

Upon admission you will be enrolled in the J.D. and M.B.A. programs simultaneously. The first year of coursework is normally in the School of Law if you have not already started your MBA coursework, so it is advisable to contact the School of Law early.

You're clearly ready for the challenge. We'll get you ready for success.

Academic Requirements

Program requirements can be found in the online Catalog. Simply select the area of study and click "Explore".


School of Law: 937-229-3555
MBA Office: 937-229-3733