School of Engineering Department of Engineering Technology

Bachelors Plus Masters Program (Engineering Technology)

The School of Engineering offers a combined Bachelor's-Plus-Master's (BPM) program leading to both a bachelor's degree in engineering technology and a master's degree.

BPM is designed for qualified students who wish to pursue either greater specialization in a major area or to complement the undergraduate program with a related graduate-level concentration. Most students who select the program have received some advanced placement upon entry to engineering at the first-year level or take occasional summer courses.

The formal request for entrance into the combined program may be made as early as before the first semester of the student's junior year, but the student should consult their department to determine exactly when this request should be made.

Admission requirements include a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 and permission from the chairperson of the department. Selection of the graduate (master's) program area is indicated below:

Undergraduate Program

  • Engineering Technology

Graduate Program Selections

  • Engineering Management
  • Management Science
  • Materials Engineering
  • Renewable and Clean Energy

The department chairperson and the graduate program director serve as an advisory committee to the student in establishing the combined program requirements. The first-year, sophomore, and junior years follow the curriculum of the student's selected bachelor's program.

A student who elects the BPM program must satisfy both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements as to required cumulative grade point average for graduation. The graduate of the combined program will receive a bachelor's degree in the undergraduate major (Engineering Technology) and a master's degree in the graduate area (e.g., Master of Science in Materials Engineering). A student in the combined program who chooses not to complete the program must complete all the undergraduate major program requirements to receive the bachelor's degree.

Program Requirements

Program requirements can be found in the online Catalog. Simply select the area of study and click "Explore".