Dr. Vijayan Asari, Director

Phone: 937-229-4504
Vision Lab

Object and Pedestrian Tracking

Tracking of Vehicles and Pedestrians in Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) Data

The challenge of tracking vehicles and pedestrians in Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) data is the limited resolution of the objects being tracked. Using visibility improvement techniques, we demonstrate how we segment a low resolution object and track it in multiple subsequent frames. In the video demonstrations below, we track vehicles traveling in shadowy regions, vehicles that experience complete occlusions by trees, and vehicles that experience partial occlusions. In the videos below, we demonstrate vehicle tracking as well as our ability to track a pedestrian (2x7 pixels).

Chart Object Tracking

Video Demonstrations

Pedestrian Tracking

Tracking Between Tree Shadows

Tracking with Occlusions

Tracking with Partial Occlusions