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Honorary Degree Nomination

The University's Board of Trustees awards honorary degrees upon the recommendation of the President. The Honorary Degree Committee assists the President by reviewing nominations and making its recommendations to the President. The President then recommends prospective recipients to the Board of Trustees for confirmation of conferral of the honorary degree.

Anyone associated with the University community is invited to nominate persons for honorary degrees. Persons actively engaged at the University in full-time, contractual, or salaried positions or are currently members of the Board, Advisory Councils, or Committees are ineligible. The Honorary Degree Committee will acknowledge receipt of all nominations.

Here is how to nominate an extraordinary person

To nominate someone for an honorary degree, please submit the following materials:

  1. A letter explaining why the nominee merits an honorary degree from the University of Dayton. This letter should describe the nominee’s extraordinary achievements or leadership, distinguished service, or exemplary character. It also should describe how the person exemplifies the Catholic and Marianist traditions and values of the University. Finally, the letter should address how the nominee evinces a significant association with the University or its mission.
  2. A vita, resume, or brief biography of the nominee that lists past honors and awards.
  3. News clippings or other media coverage (limit 5-10) addressing the nominee’s achievements, leadership, service, or character, if available.

The Honorary Degree Committee reviews nominations twice a year. The deadlines for submitting nominations are February 15 and October 15.

Please send the nomination letter and materials to:

University of Dayton
Office of the President
Attn: Honorary Degree Committee
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-1624

You also may fax the information to: 937-229-3396.