Student and faculty member

Caps and Gowns

University of Dayton graduates wear the traditional black gown which dates back to the Middle Ages. Following the code established by a special commission in 1895, today’s graduates wear the cap, gown and hood.

The cap, or mortar-board, can be black for any degree. The tassel is switched from the right to the left side of the cap at the moment the degree is awarded.

The gown, as established by the special commission, is always black. Candidates for the bachelor's degree wear a simple gown. Master's degree candidates wear a gown with a variation in the sleeve. Doctoral candidates wear a more elaborate gown signified by velvet panels around the neck and down the front, as well as three bars on the sleeves.

Hood colors

It is the hood by which students are linked to their faculty and areas of study. Those most commonly seen at the University of Dayton are:

  • White: Arts, Letters, Humanities
  • Drab: Commerce, Accountancy, Business
  • Light Blue: Education
  • Orange: Engineering
  • Brown: Fine Arts
  • Purple: Law
  • Pink: Music
  • Dark Blue: Philosophy
  • Golden Yellow: Science
  • Scarlet: Theology

Ordering your cap and gown

Graduation regalia is available to be ordered online at the Bookstore website

If you have any questions about ordering your gown and hood, please contact the UD Bookstore at 937-229-3233.