Here, Honors means more than some Latin words inscribed on your diploma.

Your academic success is what you make of it, of course. Yet for talented and motivated students searching for the extra challenge, the University Honors Program offers rigorous and expansive educational experiences for our academically accomplished students. The University Honors Program provides unique learning opportunities beyond the normal college experience, enriched courses taught by top professors and an inspiring, collaborative camaraderie with fellow students.

Find countless ways to do the extraordinary.

Like all aspects of the University of Dayton, the Honors Program is rooted in the Catholic Marianist tradition, encouraging social responsibility and ethical sensitivity with its many leadership and service opportunities. In the end, you graduate with a respected Honors-designated diploma, incredible real-world experiences and the compassion to use your talents in ways that affect positive change on the world.

We believe in asking big questions. (And answering them, too.)

As an Honors student, you have the opportunity to investigate an important question as part of your Honors Thesis project. Completed projects are as diverse and ambitious as creating solar-powered, easy-to-use equipment to sterilize medical devices, pursuing neuroscience research to better understand Alzheimer's disease and working on Arabic oral history projects in Fez, Morocco.

Whatever your topic, you'll undertake an independent, substantial research and writing endeavor. And in the process, you'll earn six credit hours — and contribute new knowledge to your field.

The classroom isn't the only place you'll learn and grow. Far from it, in fact.

From the welcome program for new, first-year Honors students to art exhibitions and symposiums, the Honors Program hosts events throughout the year that allow students, faculty and experts to gather together and celebrate the scholarship and talents of our students.

A helping hand as you move ahead.

The Office of Fellowship Advising, under the direction of the Honors Program, helps all University of Dayton students apply for prestigious national awards, international scholarships and fellowships, and graduate school.

Obviously you're someone who enjoys learning. Here's how to learn more.

If you have questions about the Honors Program, please feel free to contact or visit us.

University Honors Program
124 - 125 Alumni Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-0311

Phone: 937-229-4615