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2013-14 Student Organization Re-Recognition

The recognized student organization annual re-recognition process begins at the conclusion of the last day of classes (April 26, 2013), and must completed by May 31, 2013.

Failure to complete the re-registration process by May 31 each year will result in the organization losing recognition privileges for the upcoming fall semester, including the ability to participate in Up The Orgs. The organization will be eligible to re-apply for recognition for the spring semester beginning September 1.

Below are instructions on how to log into Community as well as the directions for completing the re-recognition process. Only students can complete this process.

Student Organization Re-Recognition Instructions

  1. *Log into Community.
  2. Click on “Group Reactivation” in the blue box.
  3. Find your organization’s name and click “Apply to Reactivate.”
  4. Fill the application out in its entirety:
    1. Students must review and update core group information.
      1. ie. Mission/Purpose/Description
    2. If anything has changed, constitution/bylaws must be re-uploaded.
    3. Three SMART Goals for upcoming year must be uploaded.  The SMART goals template can be found here.
      1. Please note: Your organization will NOT be re-recognized without submitting SMART goals.
    4. **Roster must be updated to reflect any changes in membership, including new members, officer changes, and the removal of old members.
    5. Update your adviser
      1. You will click on the name of your adviser to retain the current adviser or click “Add Adviser” to add/change your adviser.
    6. Students must agree to Center for Student Involvement policies and procedures and submit application.
  5. The Center for Student Involvement will forward your application to advisers, departments, and/or others for review as necessary.
  6. Lastly, your submission is reviewed by the Assistant Director for Student Life and the organization is granted official recognition for the upcoming academic year

*Community login instructions for students can be found here.

** You will need to highlight the individuals you wish to keep on your roster for the upcoming school year. In order to do this you will need to hold the Ctrl key on a PC and the Command key on a Mac while selecting each member you want to retain.