Composition Curricula

Most students entering the University of Dayton complete a two-year course of study in composition by enrolling in ENG 100 in their first year (either in fall or spring semester) and ENG 200 in their second year (either in fall or spring semester). Some students entering the University of Dayton will complete a one-year course of study in composition. If they place out of ENG 100, they will take ENG 200H in their first year (either in fall or spring semester).

In ENG 100, students write about writing. Students are encouraged to think and write critically about their writing practices and the writing practices of diverse others. They are also encouraged to strengthen their writing process and improve their writing abilities.  

In ENG 200 and 200H, theme-based writing courses, the approach is writing across the curriculum. The purpose of these courses is to enable students to develop rhetorical abilities that will make it possible for them to write effectively in a university context that consists of disciplines with varying expectations for writing.

All sections of ENG 100 and ENG 200 are part of the University of Dayton Common Academic Program (CAP). In addition, the two first-year courses (ENG 100 and ENG 200H) are part of the Humanities Commons, which is the first-year course of study in the Humanities that all University of Dayton students complete.

ENG 100 A/B Stretch Sections

Students identified as unlikely to succeed in ENG 100 upon entrance to the University, may be placed in ENG 100A followed by ENG 100B. Together ENG 100 A and B provide students with the opportunity to fulfill the requirement for ENG 100 in a full academic year rather than in just one semester.

The Core Program

First-year students majoring in American studies, art history, and the humanities, as well as select honors students in the Department of Teacher Education and the School of Business are placed in the Core Program. In Core, students study English, history, philosophy, and religious studies in an integrated program. Students take ASI 110 (Core Integrated Studies: Development of Western Culture in a Global Context) during the Fall semester and ASI 120 (Core Integrated Studies) during the Spring semester. Completion of ASI 120 counts as completion of ENG 200H.

English Language Learners

International students are required to complete ENG 100 and ENG 200 successfully. To support international students as they complete the Composition curriculum (and to provide native English speakers with opportunities to explore literacy from a global perspective), the English Department has developed intercultural sections of the composition curriculum. These sections bring together second language learners as well as native speakers of English with a focus on reading and writing in a global context. Some of the intercultural sections are also part of the Cross-Cultural Integrated Living and Learning Community.