Registrar and Registration
St. Mary's Hall

You are the record setter. We are the record keepers.

From your first day on campus, until your last day at graduation, the Office of the Registrar and Registration was keeping track of your success.  You may not have been thinking about your academic record while you were studying for finals, but we were. 

Register for a class.  Order a transcript.  Request verification of your enrollment.  We make it easy to access your academic record. 

Stay one step ahead.

The University of Dayton publishes its academic calendar on an annual basis so our community can plan ahead. However, please note that the dates are subject to change. 
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Find the information to help you along your journey.

The Academic Catalog, as we call it, puts information about University of Dayton academic programs and course descriptions at your fingertips.  The Academic Catalog also includes general information about policies for our academic, service and enrollment departments.  Check it out!

You've made your mark here. Now, make your mark on the world.

The time has come for your name to be called and your degree to be printed.  Let us help you prepare for graduation, so you can focus on sharing your big day with your family and friends. 

It is time to decide what your semester will look like.

Whether you are a current undergraduate student or taking a graduate class for the first time, we are here to help.  Choosing which classes to take is tough enough.  The Registration Office has worked hard to make registering for a class easy. 

See your success. On paper.

What day is graduation on next year?  Where do I order a transcript?  Did I make the Dean's list?  The Office of the Registrar is here to answer those questions and many more.
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Order up.

There are times when you may need to contact us for your records.  Stop by our office, send us a request by mail or process a request through the Internet.  Let us know how we can fulfill your order.   
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Relax. We're here to help.

Although we've provided you with a lot of information, chances are you still have questions. And we'd be happy to answer those for you!

Flyers First Office
St. Mary's Hall, Room 411

Phone: 800-259-8864 or 937-229-4141
Fax: 937-229-4338

Office Hours:  Available on the Flyers First website.  Assistance is provided on a walk-in basis.

Place your Official Transcript order online

Not in the area or finding it hard to stop by our office?  Order an official transcript online through the National Student Clearinghouse.