Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Students Studying at UD with Financial Support of an Embassy

We’re glad you’re here and we want to support any needs that you may have during your time here.  During your time at the University of Dayton, we’ll provide you with information that your embassy may request.  

Student Schedule

Each semester, we will email you a copy of your schedule by the 3rd week of classes.  You can forward this schedule onto your embassy, as needed.

Enrollment Verification

If you need to provide your embassy with proof of your enrollment, you can access this via Porches.

  • Once logged into Porches, select the ‘Flyers First (Academics)’ link
  • Under Registration Tools, select ‘Request and Enrollment Verification’ and follow the steps to obtain this from the National Student Clearinghouse

Official Transcript

At the end of each semester, we will email you a copy of your official transcript.  You can forward this transcript onto your embassy, as needed.  This will be completed 30 days after grades are due.

**All information will be sent to your University of Dayton email address