Academic Programs

J.D. Program

An education at Dayton Law begins with our strong belief in what a lawyer is: a problem solver. We teach students how to use their knowledge of the law as a tool to help people resolve their legal problems as well as community and global issues.

In addition to a traditional three-year program, we offer a Two-Year J.D. Program. No matter which path you choose, we offer a flexible system to support your needs. Our dedicated faculty, state-of-the art facilities and vibrant community augment a well-rounded and practical law school experience. 
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Graduate Programs

We offer two graduate degrees in intellectual property and technology law: a LL.M. and a M.S.L. Each program offers instruction in all aspects of intellectual property law, computer-related and cyberspace law, and entertainment and mass communication law. 
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Joint Degree Programs

We offer three distinct joint degree programs: a J.D. and master of business administration degree; a J.D. and master of science in educational administration; and a J.D. and master of laws degree. 
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