Summer Schedule | May 19 to June 20

Group Fitness Schedule


Classes take place May 19 to June 20

Session 2 takes place June 22 to August 1

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Updated 5.29.2014

The schedule is subject to change.

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Summer 2 Schedule | June 23 to August 1


Classes take place June 23 to August 1

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Updated 6.19.2014

The schedule is subject to change.

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Class Descriptions

CIRCUIT STRENGTH: This class uses circuits as a foundation for building muscular, strength, endurance and definition. Get a whole body workout by moving between stations or movements that keep the workout fresh and challenging.

CSI: CSI stands for Cardio Strength Intervals using dynamic interval training. CSI will utilize body weight and resisted functional movements such as squats, pushups, planks, jumps, along with plyometric bouts of cardio. CSI's circuit style of training will provide a fun and dynamic change to your normal routine.

: Centering on techniques for training the mind taught using various ancient and current methods that are designed to quiet the mind while refining mental alertness. They are particularly helpful with anxiety, depression, and attention problems that may be affecting your ability to learn or have clarity in your daily life.

PILATES: This class features movements designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns, Pilates has proven itself invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor itself, but also as an important adjunct to sports training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.

POWER-BAR: A challenge for the major muscle groups, this class utilizes a barbell to help burn fat, gain strength, and produce lean muscle. You will focus on using light weight loads for repetitive movements such as a curls, squats, lifts.

SPIN N’ STRENGTH: Quickly transitioning on and off the bike throughout the class, Spin N’ Sculpt combines cycling with full body toning intervals off the bike. It is like the best of both worlds!

STRENGTH N’ SCULPT: Burn fat and build muscle with an array of dynamic exercises using free weights as well as your own body weight. Quick reps and transitions will keep this class engaging and fun!

SPINNING®: This intense workout incorporates basic cycling moves, cardio, and strength based on time, speed, and recovery. BE SURE to bring a towel and water bottle!

SIZZLIN’ ABS: Thirty minutes of nothing but a full abdominal workout! Not only will you tone that tummy, but help improve posture, core stability, and strengthen your back.

TONE IN 30: In a time crunch? Don’t let that stop you from getting a full body workout! Tone in 30 is a great arms, legs, and abs workout in just half an hour.

TOTAL BODY BLAST: Half of the class is on the spinning bikes to promote strength and endurance for the lower body. The other half will involve focus on strength and toning on your arms, core, back, chest, and shoulders for a total body workout!

TURBO KICK®: This kickboxing class is unique because of the upbeat music and incorporated dance moves that help tone muscle and get fit, while still kicking, punching and shaking your body! No kickboxing or dance background is needed, but don’t shy away from letting loose and having a good time!

YOGA: Relax and release! This class allows the participant to ease through a variety of holding poses. Focus will be on mindful practice, breath work, and tension release. Learn techniques for relaxation and muscle lengthening that can be used for the rest of your life! Benefits from this type of training include increased lung capacity, balance, flexibility, and body awareness. Yoga mats provided, or feel free to bring your own.

ZUMBA®: Zumba is a dance aerobic workout that uses footwork and body movements from Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and other Latin dances all to the beat of sizzling hot Latin rhythms. 

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