Welcome to the Park!

Unleash your inner child as you Recreate, Explore and Connect with Old River Park!

Campus Recreation is excited to begin offering a diverse selection of outdoor adventure, fitness and intramural programming at Old River Park.
Currently these program are only available to members of the UD Community. These include current students, faculty and staff with a valid University of Dayton ID card. Please have your card with you at the event and be prepared to present it to event staff.

Old River Park Events

Evening Paddle and Fitness

Thursday, April 10, 5:00pm - 7:30pm
5:00pm-7:30pm Accompanied by a guide, basic paddling instruction will be provided prior to heading out on the water.
5:00pm-5:30pm Bootcamp (Class)
5:30pm-6:00pm Bootcamp (Drop in / Challenge)
5:30pm-6:30pm Zumba (Class)
6:00pm-6:30pm TRX (Class)
6:30pm-7:30pm Yoga (Class)
6:30pm-7:00pm TRX (Drop in/Challenge)

Kayaking Basics

Sunday, April 13, 11:00am - 1:00pm

In this two hour course, participants will build confidence on the water by learning safety skills, how to properly fit your boat and the basics of boat control including posture, balance and simple strokes. 

Directions to Old River Park

Take a quick trip off campus to participate in some of Campus Rec's various fitness programs! 

How to Get to Old River Park

We're excited that you're going to join us at Old River Park! There are different ways to get over there from campus.

University Shuttle Service

The University offers a free shuttle service for students that makes stops in front of the RecPlex, Irving Commons and 1700 Patterson River Campus, which is connected to Old River Park. You can get more details on the shuttle and the different pick up times here
Campus Recreation will also offer a shuttle to and from the RecPlex to Old River Park during theses events.

Check-out a RecBike!

Another option for students is to check out a RecBike and bike your way over to the park. Riding a bike would be a great way to warm-up before you participate in some of our outdoor fitness classes or kayaking programs. You can also run, jog or walk to the park! It's only a short distance, very easy to get there by foot and enjoy the nice weather. 

Park at the Park

Additionally, students can driver their own cars over to the park, but we encourage students to stay active and to choose well, live well!
If you plan to drive and park a vehicle at Old River Park, please use the R2 lot.

Note: When entering the park, please use the pedestrian entrance at the north east side of the R2 parking lot.

UDCR Programmatic Guidelines

  • Proper attire, including t-shirts and tanks that cover the torso, midriff, and rib cage, is required.
  • The use of sunflower seeds, tobacco, and alcohol is strictly prohibited within the facility.
  • Individuals must display a valid UDID to gain entry and be eligible to participate in UDCR activities.
  • Activities are open to current UD students, faculty and staff.
  • No guests are permitted.
  • Failure to adhere to UDCR rules, including trespassing into unapproved areas of ORP, are considered a violation of the UD Code of Conduct and will result in immediate removal from the facility and possible disciplinary action.
  • Statement of Participant Expectations: To ensure our patrons enjoy a safe and positive experience, we request that all patrons acknowledge and abide by University of Dayton and Department of Campus Recreation rules, policies, and guidelines. Participation, membership, and use of University of Dayton Campus Recreation programs, services, and facilities are a privilege, which comes with responsibilities. Disorderly conduct, abuse, or misuse of the facility, equipment, staff, or disregard for policies will not be tolerated. Violators will be required to leave the facility and may be subject to disciplinary action, which could include suspension from Campus Recreation programs, services, and facilities. Participants who are suspended will not have any portion of their fees refunded.

Event Status

Due to Old River Park being an outdoor venue, programming may be adapted due to current weather.
If it is determined that an event must be modified or canceled, notification will be posted here.

Due to high winds and cold temperatures, PLAY IN THE PARK  concluded at 5:00pm. 
We hope to see you on Thursday, April 10.