Dean's Welcome

Mittelstaedt imageAs a Catholic, Marianist business school, our mission is to prepare students to be business leaders with the ability to employ business knowledge and skills in a manner consistent with Catholic and Marianist values for the benefit of all stakeholders.  Our curricula and co-curricular activities rely strongly on the UD approach to experiential learning.

Experiential Learning - Blending of Theory and Practice

UD experiential learning advances active learning and reflective practice focused on real human problems and needs, enabling students to: (1) cultivate their gifts and skills; (2) appreciate the interdependence of self and community; and (3) discover higher purposes for life, learning and work. This engagement with practice occurs inside and outside the classroom, on-campus and off-campus, as an individual and as part of a team. Opportunities for blending of theory and practice occur in every major throughout the entirety of each of our business programs.


We provide many distinctive experiential opportunities. Here are a few possibilities:

  • As part of a team, manage a multi-million dollar investment portfolio
  • Be the CEO or other officer of a student run business that grosses over $1 million annually
  • Collect and analyze data to make marketing recommendations to Fortune 500 and other companies
  • Act as consultant to an organization in need of new business processes
  • Be an entrepreneur and start your own business with a startup fund of tens of thousands of dollars

This list could go on and on, but the bottom line is the outcome: Practical wisdom gained here is a major differentiator for our graduates.

I extend an invitation to potential students, employers, alumni, businesses and associations to engage with us in this great learning experience.

John Mittelstaedt
Dean and Professor
School of Business Administration