Office for Research

The word makes you think of laboratories, microscopes and test tubes. Indeed, this is true for the University of Dayton. However, at this Catholic University founded by the Marianists in 1850, research means much more than the images described above. It means service, scholarship, community, and understanding the world around us. It embraces the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Research activities at UD have grown dramatically in the first decade of the new millennium, reaching nearly $100 million in 2010. That growth flows from an interactive environment at the University which yields new and exciting discoveries for our world. Producing value for our society is dependent upon broad, collaborative and interdisciplinary initiatives in our laboratories, classrooms and studios. In engineering and the sciences, these collaborations are enabling significant advances in new and growing fields such as high-performance materials, nanotechnology, sensors and photonics, fuels and energy and bioengineering. These areas, when combined with important work in the humanities, arts and social sciences, provide a wonderful palette from which we are able to integrate learning and research and gain unique perspectives on the intersections of science, engineering, business, ethics, religion and social justice.  

At UD, a dedicated Research Institute comprised of more than 420 full-time researchers and staff complements the research activities of the faculty. This allows UD to enjoy a research enterprise that far surpasses most universities of our size. It also provides an energized environment in which students, faculty and researchers discover our future through collaboration, creativity and innovation.

We invite you to explore our world of research and scholarship and join us as we shape the research, scholarship and artistic creation of tomorrow. 

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