Research that Saves Lives and Property

UDRI Fire Safety Science and Material Flammability researchers work to prevent fire loss in both life and property.

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Better coatings, better fuel efficiency

UDRI has been awarded $1.5 million for coatings research designed to improve aircraft engine efficiency.


Extending sight in the sky

UDRI awarded $15 million to support development of Air Force air-launched unmanned sensing systems


Hypersonic Vehicle Structures

UDRI awarded $9.8 million for R&D in materials and structures for reusable hypersonic vehicles


Additive Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

UDRI researchers excel in advanced manufacturing such as robotics and automation, manufacturing autonomy, additive manufacturing, manufacturing assistance, and technology integration.

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Mars Rover


UDRI researchers provide open and interoperable architectures in sensing, sensor-controls to advance efficiency in manufacturing, mixed reality technology, and autonomous intelligent agents.

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Algae Research

Energy and Power

UDRI provides research and applied solutions on energy topics, including fuels, combustion, and alternative energy and power sources, and on environmental science and engineering issues.

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Human Technologies

Human Technologies

UDRI has a robust history of successfully designing and running experimental protocols, evaluating commercial software and products for usability, and developing new and innovative technologies to improve human performance.

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Supersonic Retropropulsion


UDRI's expert researchers design, analyze, build, test, transition, and sustain innovative and reliable materials, components, and structures for hypersonic vehicles and their operation.

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phase change materials


UDRI offers expertise in advanced materials research, including ceramics, glasses, and electrical, magnetic and optical materials. We also provide research in new organic polymer-based composites.

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Sensor Chip


UDRI sensors research and development solves client challenges with innovative technologies. We employ full-time researchers, academics, students, and others to fulfill these objectives.

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Software Development Session


UDRI creates total solutions in hardware, software, and algorithms. We also offer proven capabilities, methods, structures, resources, and strategies resulting in reliable software solutions.

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Landing Gear Test Rig at SPC

Structures and Systems

UDRI's research in aerospace, ground, industrial, and test systems solves structural safety, durability, and reliability problems through the development and application of new technology.

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B-52 in Flight


UDRI's integrated interdisciplinary teams solve aging system problems by using advanced technologies in order to increase performance levels and reduce maintenance costs.

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All About UDRI

videoThis brief video summarizes UDRI and its research mission to serve the nation and the world.


UDRI's 60th Anniversary

60thDuring its 60th anniversary year, UDRI has broken records and surpassed milestones for annual and cumulative research and employee population.

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