Volume 6 (1997)

Volume 6, Number 1


A Two-Region Model with Endogenous Capital and Knowledge - Locational Amenities and Preferences
Wei-Bin Zhang

The Performance of International Bond Funds
Peggy E. Swanson, John G. Gallo, and Larry J. Lockwood 

The Long-Run Behaviour of Exchange Rates in Brazil, Chile and Argentina: A Cointegration Analysis
L. R. de Mello, Jnr., and F. G. Carneiro

Information Shares in International Oil Futures Markets
Yiuman Tse and G. Geoffrey Booth

What is the Optimal Size of a Monetary Union?
Cynthia Royal Tori

International Interest Rate Transmission and Volatility Spillover
Hung-Gay Fung, Hoyoon Jang, and Wai Lee

The Information Content of Dividend Hypotheses: A Permanent Income Approach
Kenneth Daniels, Tai S. Shin, and Cheng F. Lee

Further Implications of Tariffs in the Mobile Capital Harris-Todaro Model
Jai-Young Choi, Donald I. Price, and Larry C. Allen

Book Review

Ronald W. Jones

Volume 6, Number 2


Consumption, Income, and Cointegration
Hsiang-Ling Han and Masao Ogaki

Long-Term Equilibria of Yields on Taxable and Tax-Exempt Bonds
Lawrence Kryzanowski and Kuan Xu

On the Appropriate Specification of the Life Cycle Savings Rate Model: The Roles of Sectoral Shares, Financial Intermediation, and Foreign Capital
C. J. Cook

A Threshold Autoregressive Analysis of Stock Returns and Real Economic Activity
David A. Louton and Dale L. Domian

Free Trade and Income Redistribution Across Labor Groups: Comparative Statics for the U.S. Economy
Henry Thompson

Are Stock and Bond Prices Collinear in the Long Run?
Kam C. Chan, Stefan C. Norrbin, and Pikki Lai

Unemployment, Real Exchange Rate and Welfare in a Model with Specific Factors and Non-Traded Goods
Bharat R. Hazari and Yves Fluckiger

Book Review

David Card and Alan B. Krueger
John Kane

Volume 6, Number 3


Insider Trading and Executive Compensation: Evidence from the U.S. and Japan
Kevin J. Hebner and Takao Kato

Fiscal Policy in an Asymmetric Exchange Rate Union 
Switgard Feuerstein

Estimation of Empirical Pricing Equations for Foreign-Currency Options: Econometric Models VS. Arbitrage-free Models 
Derming Lieu

Equity Control of Multinational Firms in an Economic Growth Model with Urban Unemployment
Michael Ka-yiu Fung and Jinli Zeng

Productivity Shocks and Capital Asset Pricing 
Yajun Peng and Hany Shawky

Forecasting Bank Failures and Deposit Insurance Premium 
Dar-Yeh Hwang, Cheng F. Lee, and K. Thomas Liaw

Book Review

Kerk L. Phillips

Volum 6, Number 4


Exchange Rate Management when Sterilized Intrerventions Represent Signals of Monetary Policy
Silke Fabian Reeves

Intermarket Spread Opportunities Between Canadian and American Agricultural Futures Said Elfakhani
Ritchie J. Wionzek

International Capital and Nontraded Goods in the Long Run
Henry Thompson

Forecasting the S&P 500 Index Volatility
An-Sing Chen

Uncertainty and the Comparative Dynamics of Stock Price
L. Dwayne Barney, Jr.

Branch Banking, Entry Deterrence, and Technology Decisions
Jyh-Horng Lin


Ahyee Lee, Ronald L. Moy, and Thomas P. Chen

Book Review

John P. Conley