Bachelor of Science in Education in Pre-Physical Therapy

Through the pre-physical therapy program, you will prepare for a career in healing and rehabilitation through hands-on experience, rigorous coursework and community engagement. Our program will enhance your knowledge, skills and leadership abilities, optimizing your chances for admission to a Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate program of your choice. 

Program Outcomes

To meet the needs of this fast-growing and broad profession, the pre-physical therapy program is interdisciplinary and includes courses in exercise science, premedicine and biology.

As a pre-physical therapy major, you will receive extensive hands-on training in physical therapy environments in the Dayton area and beyond. Observation hours allow you to see how physical therapy is used in various settings, including stroke rehabilitation, burn therapy units, cardiac rehabilitation, orthopedics and children’s programs. Under the supervision of licensed physical therapists and other health care professionals, you will gain useful insight into career opportunities.

Admission Resources