Entering into Lent


Examine the works of mercy and apply them to the next forty days.

FaithFest 2016


| Catholic, Students, Campus and Community

One of the most wonderful things about the University of Dayton is the abundance of activities to get involved in (have I mentioned that before?). Thi...

Becoming Cyber-Mindful in 2016


The new year is always a time for resolutions, and at University of Dayton, information security improvements are taking top billing. With "cyber-mindfulness" as the goal, campus is looking to become more savvy about online risks and how to care for digital information.

Kanopy and Chill


Our awesome streaming video database Kanopy is a great way to spend time indoors when it is so cold outside.

The Heart of a Child


Epinal: Popular Art for Mind and Heart
Feb. 8 – March 31

Green Dot Week


We're celebrating Green Dot Week (Feb. 8 - 12) with special coloring pages and green dots. A green dot is anything you do to make our community safer.

Experiencing the Outside World


| Students

Well, I decided to venture pretty far off campus yesterday. For the first time in my life, I traveled over to Fairfield with my roommate and a fellow ...

Weekly Features: Feb. 8, 2016


Preparing for Lent. Flowers and Reparation. Apparitions.

Catholic Schools Week 2016


| Education, Catholic, Service and Giving, Campus and Community, Students

For this Catholic Schools Week 2016, the rest of the CCE Blog Team and I want to share with you some stories from our own journeys in attending Catholic Schools. We write for this blog because we believe in the mission of Catholic Schools and because we have been personally affected by that mission throughout our lives. We invite each of you to read our stories and to share a good memory that you have from attending a Catholic school! Happy Catholic Schools Week!


Color our collections


The adult coloring craze has swept the nation and University of Dayton Libraries is part of the fun.

Life Changing


There are few things in life that have the ability to change everything. For us youngsters, we haven't reached many life events that can do this apart...

中文聖母網頁特刊 -- 2016 年二月 (Chinese Marian Features for February 2016)


| Culture and Society, Catholic

The Intention of the Marian Library 瑪利亞圖書館的祈禱意向: That the sick m...

In the News: Feb. 3, 2016


| International, Research, Culture and Society, Current Events, Fine Arts, Campus and Community, Education, Catholic

Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news. Also see International Marian Research Institute news and updates.

Hello From The Other Side #gogreek


| Campus and Community

I went through recruitment because I wanted the experience and was curious what Greek life was for my own knowledge, not just what my friends told me.

Political Activism: Flyers Take New Hampshire


| Culture and Society

You don't have to be Poltical Science major to stay involved in politics!

(Warning: political science major talking about politics ahead!) 

International travel, groovy guys … and fathomless good


Brochures from the 20th century highlight the rewards, challenges and responsibilities that come with vocations to religious life.

The Year of Mercy: Consecrated Life


As the Year of Consecrated Life end, we embrace the Year of Mercy.

Spotlight on Alumni: Brandon McClain '11


| Law

Brandon Charles McClain, Magistrate in the Dayton Municipal Court, remembers a turning point in his life. 

Totally Yours


| Campus and Community, Catholic, Service and Giving, Education, Students

“Ave Maria, totus tuus ergo sum.” It is Latin for “Hail Mary, I am totally yours,” and it is the phrase that would become the guiding principle behind my life through my work this past summer...

Read a book for fun


Porch Reads is a book club exclusively for undergraduate students at the University of Dayton. Benefits include free books, free food, lively discussions, and a chance at a $50 bookstore voucher.