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Faculty in the News: March 24, 2017

Our faculty share their insights and expertise with local, national and international media outlets. Here are highlights of recent media coverage of College of Arts and Sciences faculty research, scholarship and commentary

Students and Campus Life

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

This March, scarves are connecting about 100 University of Dayton women students, faculty, and staff across campus. Each woman spends a day with the scarf before meeting another woman and sharing the scarf with her. After this exchange, each woman reflects on her experience. This is the second post in a series.

Students and campus life


Expressing my gratitude for this school and the people in it.


To See As God Sees

I might look into darkness and fear the night; God sees the moon and sends its light to bless and guide me


Property and Subordination: The 2017 Porter Wright Symposium

Nationally known scholars gather for the Law School's Porter Wright Symposium.


Social Engineering vs. Social Engagement: Fighting Cyber-Crime with Cyber-Mindfulness

At the University of Dayton, information security improvements are taking top billing. With "cyber-mindfulness" as the goal, campus is looking to become more savvy about online risks and how to care for digital information.


Getting to know the Knowledge Hub

Student research assistant Maia McLin reviews the helpful services and people you’ll find in the Knowledge Hub (and beyond).


Alumni Update: Spring 2017

Keep up with our graduates as they share their stories about life after the University of Dayton.


Prayers of the Heart March prayer service focuses on women

As a Catholic and Marianist community, we believe that when we gather in faith, our prayers can bring peace. This month’s Prayers of the Heart service highlighted Women’s History Month, stressing inclusivity, diversity, and a call for us “to search for those stories that are different from our own.”


The Way of Pope Francis is the Way of Lent

All of us are called to something greater than ourselves

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