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Law February 13, 2019
Where a Law Degree Can Take You
A look at how the law can take you to places beyond just a courtroom.
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Law January 28, 2019
Setting The Stage For Success
How Anna Glass '99 is using her law degree to pursue her passion for dance.
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Human Rights January 16, 2019
Indian bill to ‘protect’ trafficking victims will make sex workers less safe
Hoping to protect women from sexual exploitation, Indian lawmakers are pushing a bill that amends the criminal code to harden legal and financial penalties for sex trafficking. This article was originally published on The Conversation. 
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Human Rights December 23, 2018
Fall 2018 Highlights
2018 has been a year of celebrating human rights research, advocacy and education at the University of Dayton.
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Law December 12, 2018
Law School In Memoriam 2018
Remembering the University of Dayton School of Law alumni who passed away in 2018.
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Law December 06, 2018
Legal Matters of the Mind
How Shareef Rabaa ’03 started his own practice focused on brain injury law.
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Law November 21, 2018
Back(pack) To Where It All Began
What started as an inexpensive way to vacation during law school has grown into a tradition that keeps three law school classmates connected.
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Law November 09, 2018
University of Dayton School of Law among Best Schools for Legal Technology
The National Jurist ranked the University of Dayton School of Law 16th in the country when it comes to legal technology.
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Law October 17, 2018
Dayton Law U.S. Supreme Court Admission
Dayton Law alumni can register now to be admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar on April 29 in Washington D.C.
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Law October 03, 2018
Law and (alphabetical) Order
How Katie Wright '14 has spelled out a unique legal career.
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