Modern Media Enable the ‘Virtual Pilgrimage’

October 17, 2017

For those who can’t travel, All About Mary website and religious DVDs are among many ways to initiate a spiritual journey in the mind. The keys are a prayerful attitude and spiritual openness.

Crèches 2017: Eastern Europe, Africa, Volunteers’ View and a Marianist Milestone

October 16, 2017

An upcoming library renovation is bringing some changes to the University’s annual exhibition of Nativity scenes. Among the highlights: A behind-the-scenes tour of the volunteer workshop; selections from Eastern Europe and Africa; and a commemoration of a Marianist milestone. Exhibit opens Monday, Nov. 27.

IMRI Weekly Features: Oct. 16, 2017

October 16, 2017

This week a variety of resources from All About Mary are being featured. For instance, learn more about The Book of Hours and Mary.

The Consul: Recommended reading and viewing

October 14, 2017

On Oct. 22, University of Dayton students will attend the Dayton Opera’s performance of Gian Carlo Menotti’s The Consul as part of the First-Year Arts Immersion. Here's list of books to read and streaming films to watch that explore similar themes and circumstances.

Spirit apparitions, vampire attacks and other otherworldly happenings

October 13, 2017

Seasonal search reveals spooky scholarship among rare books: A Benedictine monk's 18th-century treatise on the supernatural.

eCommons crosses half-million milestone

October 12, 2017

In early October, eCommons, UD’s open-access institutional repository, surpassed the 500,000-download mark.

IMRI Weekly Features: Oct. 9, 2017

October 09, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima, Rosary suggestions from Pope John Paul II, reacting to Marian images and more.

中文聖母網頁特刊 -- 2017 年十月 (Chinese Features for Oct. 2017)

October 06, 2017

Special Chinese language features for October 2017.

Love and Grace

October 05, 2017

Newly created for the Marian Library's collections, this elegant sculpture bridges the gap between the recent Marian art of Asia exhibit and the current exhibit, Symbols of Grace.

2nd Annual Book Desert Book Drive: Let’s End Book Deserts in the Miami Valley

September 26, 2017

A book drive at UD Oct. 9-16 aims to collect 1,500 books to remedy the Miami Valley’s book deserts — areas with diminished access to children's reading materials.

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