Can the Marian Library support instruction in education?


For example...

The Marian Library holds a circulating collection of children’s books in various languages. They circulate primarily to adults (teachers, parish staff, and researchers) working in early education. The juvenile literature collection demonstrates changes in how literature for children was conceived and written over time.

Children’s books from the juvenile literature collection

The Italian Marist School scrapbooks are a fascinating example of a primary school project at a school run by the Marist order in the 1950s. It is believed that some of the items may have been produced at the affiliated orphanage for young girls.

Italian Marist Scrapbook, created in 1952, contains the collages, illustrations, and writings of a Catholic primary school student.

The Marian Library's collection of prints includes two boxes of catechetical posters. They provide an interesting example of the types of religious imagery used in Catholic education for children.

One in a series of six French catechetical posters. Artist and date unknown. From an unprocessed collection of posters in the Marian Library.

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