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Mary and the Month of May

– Compiled under the direction of Father Johann Roten, S.M.

This index of material included in the All About Mary website, brings together resources that pertain to this month. Additional resources may also be available by using the provided search tools.


Encyclical of Pope Paul VI promulgated on April 30, 1965. The pope urges the faithful to pray to Mary more than ever during the month of May, in connection with this exhorts all to seek peace by negotiation and prayer.
See: Magisterial Documents: Mense Maio

Coronation of Mary, Brief History of Coronation – See: Coronation

What is the origin of the custom to place a crown on Mary's head? See: Crowning of Mary, Origins of

Also see: May Crownings

Why do we call Mary Queen? See: Queen, Mary as

May, often called Mary's month in popular devotion.... See: May and Mary


See: May Hymns


"Our Lady of the May," "To Crown the Queen of May," "The Gift of the Springtime," "The May Queen," "Galilean May," "Our Lady of May," "May Day Pageant," "The May Magnificat" (and more) – See: May Poetry


The Rosary – See: Rosary: Glorious Mystery Reflections

Image shown: Illustrated Our Lady's Rose, A. Joseph Barrish, S.M.


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