Voluntary Medical Withdrawal

Any student may choose to withdraw from classes as part of the regular withdraw process. See the academic calendar for the deadlines to withdraw. For a regular withdrawal, work with the Office of the Registrar as well as the Dean’s Office. You need to complete the Add/Drop Form and secure appropriate signatures.

A withdrawal is considered a "medical withdrawal" if a you cannot finish academic requirements during a term due to physical and/or mental health reasons. In keeping with the Marianist spirit of compassion and collaboration, every effort will be made to assist you and your family through this difficult time. However, making a request for medical withdrawal does not guarantee an approval.

  • In most cases, a medical withdrawal will withdraw you from all courses in which you are registered.
  • The Voluntary Medical withdrawal process does not dismiss or waive your legal, disciplinary, housing, meal plan, or other responsibilities to the university.  
  • A medical withdrawal does not dismiss any charges and/or constitute a refund of payments. 

If you are considering a voluntary medical withdrawal, please talk with your Assistant Dean to make sure you are aware of all of your options before making a final decision:

  • College of Arts & Sciences: 937-229-2611; O’Reilly Hall
  • School of Education & Health Sciences: 937-229-3102; Raymond L. Fitz Hall, Room 618M
  • School of Business: 937-229-2065; Miriam Hall, Room 230
  • School of Engineering: 937-229-2736; Kettering Laboratories, Room 564
  • International students are encouraged to also work with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office to address any immigration concerns. ISSS is located in Rike Center, Room 204 and can be reached via telephone at 937-229-2748.


The Medical Withdrawal Request Process

To request a voluntary medical withdrawal:

1. Submit the Voluntary Medical Withdrawal form online.

2. Call the Office of Learning Resources at 937-229-2066 to schedule an appointment. This appointment may be conducted over the phone, but the student must be included (unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent participation).

3. Provide documentation as described in the next section.

  • During this meeting, the request for medical withdrawal and supporting documentation will be discussed with the student. If applicable, additional options may also be discussed. 
  • OLR professional staff will review the information in consultation with the academic Dean's Office for the school in which the student is enrolled. Other campus units (e.g. University Health Center, University Counseling Center, and Dean of Students Office) may also be consulted to aid in this decision making process.

3. Once all information has been reviewed, OLR will approve or deny the request. You will receive this information in writing.

Necessary Documentation

Have your provider

complete this Medical Withdrawal Documentation form OR

Send medical records or a letter stating the following:

  • Date of onset of the illness or condition
  • Dates student was under care
  • General description of the illness/condition and treatment
  • Why or how this has prevented or will prevent the student from completing academic work and/or from functioning effectively in the university’s living community
  • A statement regarding the student’s status: partial medical withdrawal (enrolled in 6-8 credits for undergraduates, 3 credits for graduates) or full medical withdrawal (cannot take any classes)

Note: if you are seeking a partial medical withdrawal, you are encouraged to work with the Office of Student Accounts/Financial Aid (email: studentaccounts@udayton.edu, or 937-229-4111 and Housing and Residence Life: housing@udayton.edu or 937-229-3317) to ensure you understand the impact of this decision.

Cost of Medical Records

Costs associated with voluntary medical withdrawal process including copies of documentation from the provider are the responsibility of the student.

Approved Requests

If your medical withdrawal is approved, the Dean's Office and the Office of Learning Resources will work collaboratively with you and your family to implement it and, as appropriate, the re-enrollment process.

  • Once the decision has been issued, OLR will issue official notification of the withdrawal date to individual offices, which may include, but is not limited to, Registrar's Office, Office of Student Accounts, Housing & Residence Life, Dining Services, and International Student Support Services. These offices will process the medical withdrawal and communicate any additional information directly to you. 
  • Your academic Dean's Office will place a Dean's Hold on the your account in order to ensure any return requirements are met prior to re-registration at University of Dayton. 
  • All medical records will be maintained by the Office of Learning Resources based on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). If you would like the Office of Learning Resources to provide information to other entities outside the University, complete this FERPA form. Once completed, please return the form to the Office of Learning Resources:
  1. Fax: 937-229-3270
  2. Email: disabilityservices@udayton.edu
  3. Regular Mail: 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-1302
  4. In Person: Lower Level of Roesch Library, Room 023

In order to ensure a smooth departure and return, you should notify and settle all outstanding accounts with the Office of Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Housing, and Dining Services. If there is a disciplinary case involved, you should notify the Office of Community Standards and Civility (Gosiger Hall, Room 227, Phone 937-229-4627, csc@udayton.edu) of her/his intent to obtain a medical withdrawal and determine a timeline for resolution of the case.

Appealing Denied Requests

If your request for Medical Withdrawal is denied, and you disagree with the decision, you can file an appeal to the Office of Learning Resources in one of the following ways:

  1. Fax: 937-229-3270
  2. Email: disabilityservices@udayton.edu
  3. Regular Mail: 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-1302
  4. Hand-delivered: Lower Level of Roesch Library, Room 023
  • If the your appeal is denied, you may submit a second appeal to the Medical Withdrawal/Re-enrollment Appeal Committee, which will consist of the Dean of Students, the Director of the Counseling Center, and the Director of the Office of Student Accounts.
  • A representative from OLR shall be available to provide the rationale in support of the first appeal decision, and designated representatives from other units will be consulted as needed.
  • To file a second appeal, use one of the submission methods as outlined above.

Returning After a Medical Withdrawal

When you are ready to return from a medical withdrawal,

 1. Notify the University of  your intent to return in one of the following ways:

2. Provide supporting documentation in one of the following ways.


  • Provide similar documentation stating the following: 1) In which academic term you intend to return 2) Changes in your circumstances that make you ready to return 3) Any supports you anticipate needing at the University upon your return.

NOTE: If it was stipulated at the time of your withdrawal, you will also need to submit a letter from a qualified health care provider indicating that you are ready to return to the residential academic environment at the University of Dayton.  

Following the student's notification of intent to return, OLR professional staff will review the initial medical withdrawal documentation and any re-enrollment conditions. 

OLR professional staff make a determination, based on the student's form and documentation (if requested), as to whether to grant the student's request to return.  This decision will be shared with the student and the appropriate academic Dean's Office. The academic Dean's Office will communicate with the student about next steps associated with registration and, if applicable, remove any registration hold. 

If you intend to return to campus housing and needs assistance navigating the housing assignment process or wishes to review your options, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 937-229-3317 or housing@udayton.edu.

The student will need to address any outstanding issues associated with the Office of Financial Aid, Registration, Housing, and Dining Services.

Any outstanding conduct cases must be resolved through the Office of Community Standards & Civility before or upon the student's return.

If there are on-going support needs, the student is encouraged to contact the Counseling Center, the Health Center, and/or OLR to discuss their needs and create a plan. OLR may also address accommodations, if appropriate.

If the student's request for re-enrollment is denied, the student can appeal the decision with the Director of OLR. If the student's appeal is denied, the student may lodge a further appeal with the Medical Withdrawal/Re-enrollment Appeal Committee, which shall consist of the Dean of Students, the Director of the Counseling Center, and the Director of the Office of Student Accounts. The Director of OLR shall be available to provide the rationale in support of the first appeal decision, and designated representatives from other units as needed. The process for appeal can be initiated in any of the following ways: