Assignments Tool Tips

    Creating an Assignment

    Would you like to distribute, collect, and grade assignments online?  This video will show you how to setup an assignment so that students can submit their work online to a virtual drop box.  The Assignments tool will also allow you to provide grades and feedback to students.

    Grading an Assignment

    Now that students have submitted their work, how do you grade their assignments?  This video will show you how to review your students' submissions and provide them with grades and feedback.

    Advanced Assignment Grading

    Collecting and grading assignments online can be a long and tiring process but it doesn’t have to be with Isidore. Instructors can watch the training video or access written instructions to learn how to easily download, review, grade, and return student assignments.

    View the Advanced Assignment Grading Tip (PDF)

    Using TurnItIn Originality Checking in the Assignments Tool

    Learn how to automatically (and easily) check assignment submissions for plagiarism.

    View the Turnitin Tip (PDF)

    Releasing Assignment Grades to Students

    Are students reporting that they can't see their grades or your feedback?  This tip will show you how to release assignment grades to students.

    View the Releasing Grades Tip (PDF)

    Enabling Peer Review

    Enabling peer review for your students is very simple to do.  In the Assignments tool, either add a new assignment or edit an existing assignment.  Scroll down to the "Peer Assessment" settings and check the box next to "Use peer assessment".  After you enable it, you need to set the date and time the evaluation period ends, whether the evaluation is anonymous, whether students can see their peers' feedback, and how many submissions each student must review.  You can also provide written instructions or a rubric in the "Instructions for Reviewers" text box.  Adjust the remaining assignment settings and click on the "Post" button when you're ready.

    Peer review instructions for faculty (PDF)

    Here's a handout that you can share with your students.

    Download peer review instructions for students (PDF)

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