Tests & Quizzes Settings Explained

    The E-Learning Lab has redesigned the Settings page in Tests & Quizzes to make it more user-friendly.  We've broken down the tests and quizzes settings page by category in the sections below.  Please click on the links below to read more about the different tests and quizzes settings.

    To save your work at anytime, use the "Save and Exit" button near the bottom of the page.  To make an assessment available to students, please make sure you click on the "Publish" tab and publish the assessment.


    In the About section, you can give your assessment a title and provide students with instructions.  The instructions will be displayed before students begin the assessment.  You can also add an attachment to your assessment that students can download and open before they begin the assessment.

    About Section

    Availability & Submissions

    In the Availability & Submissions section, you can select the days and times the assessment will be available to students and which student(s) the assessment is released to.  You can also set a time limit and control the number of submissions allowed.  Finally, you can choose how late submissions are handled.

    Availability and Submissions Section

    The "Ensure students take exams from specific location" section ensures that students are only able to access the assessment from a certain location (like Kettering Labs or on-campus).

    The "Add message that students will see after submission" section allows you to display a message to students after they complete the assessment.

    Grading & Feedback

    In the Grading & Feedback section, you can adjust grading and feedback settings.  The Students' Identities section allows you to grade anonymously (if you wish).  In the sections below, you can control whether you want to keep the highest or the last score, and whether the scores should be added to the Gradebook. 

    Please pay careful attention to the Feedback Delivery section.  The most popular choice is "Feedback on Submission" meaning that students will be able to see their feedback as soon as they submit their exam.  If you choose the "Immediate Feedback" option, students will be able to see the correct answers and feedback DURING the assessment.

    Grading and Feedback Section


    In the Layout section, you can control how students navigate through the assessment, the number of questions on each page, and how your assessment is organized and numbered.  If you need some examples of how the assessment will be displayed, please look below the image.

    Layout Section

    How would you like your students to navigate the exam?
    Linear access to questions with NO return to previous pages - students cannot navigate back to change answers
    Random access to questions from a table of contents - students can navigate back and forward through the assessment

    Question Layout
    How would you like the exam to be laid out?
    Do you want students to be able to navigate back and forth through during the assessment?
    Do you want all questions to be displayed on one page?

    Do you want to continue numbering between parts or start fresh at 1 in each part?

    Continuous numbering between parts: Restart numbering between parts:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 1

    Part 2


    In the Publish section, you can release the assessment to students.

    Publish Section

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