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Theatre is a collaborative art form, combining the written word of the literary artist, the visual insight of the designer, the speech and movement of the actor, and the interpretation, style, movement patterns and overall guidance of the director.

University of Dayton theatre students receive instruction in acting, directing, stage movement, stage design, technical production, critical analysis and theatre history. Our students gain the necessary background for advanced study (graduate school), professional and non-professional performance, and teaching and directing secondary school theatre programs (adolescence to young adult education majors).

In addition, the theatre division at UD offers the student opportunities to continue his/her theatre studies with other disciplines according to his/her preference. Some typical combinations include: theatre and communication (radio and television courses), theatre and drama (English courses concerning different periods of drama), and theatre design and fine arts. The actor may also wish to expand his/her interests in fields such as business or psychology.

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